Training tailored to your needs

For clients in France, MecoConcept offers a one day training, a three day training, and a construction site kick-off. For all other clients, MecoConcept offers a three day training and a construction site kick-off.

Full Three Day Training

Target audience
Days 1 and 2: Anyone interested in the MecoConcept system
Day 3 : Clients who bought the earth block press

Day 1: Understanding clay and soilFormation3Jours

Theoretical classroom followed by practical work on soil diagnosis in order to make a compressed earth brick. Starting with soil samples, you will learn the process that makes a strong compressed earth brick and wall. Starting with soil analysis you will learn how to make a solid compressed earth brick every time.

Day 2: Making compressed earth bricksformation-2jour

Hands-on practice making compressed earth bricks. While setting up the construction site, you will learn how to maximize user safety while optimizing production. Practical implementation using various MecoConcept tools and preparation of good soil mixtures for lime plaster. The day ends with plastering a wall made of compressed earth bricks.

Day 3: Machine maintenanceformation-3jour

On day three you will learn how to do machine maintenance. You will discover the plans of the machines you have purchased. You will also learn how maintenance is necessary for optimal machine performance in order to ensure the long life of your machine.

To learn more, download the training catalog or contact us.

One-day Trainingformation-decouverte

If you would like to come to France to participate in a one-day training, please contact us.


Construction Site Kick-off (1-2 days)

Target audience : Professionals or individuals to rent or own the hydraulic brick press

Set up and organization of the green housing site

Our team comes with the press and machines and organizes the work stations.

Team Training

How do you make a good compressed earth brick? You will learn the intricacies of the MecoPress and other green housing machines. We will explain how to achieve the strongest possible earth compressed brick with your soil.

To recieve the full description of our trainings and the registration file, please contact us.