Soil sifter

The MecoTri: Filtering and sifting earth quickly and efficiently

Soil Sifter

Earth that is well sifted and filtered produces solid and high quality compressed bricks and blocks. To help with earth filtering, MecoConcept has created the MecoTri.

Thanks to a “squirrel cage” system, sifting your earth is rapid and efficient allowing for filtering all types of soil. Once sifted and filtered the earth may be used manufacture of compressed blocks and bricks as well as lime plaster.

Here is a demonstration of the MecoTri, the earth sifter.

The three steps to filter and sift earth with the MecoTri


Technical characteristics of the soil sifter

  • Maximum power: 1 kW / h
  • Production dry soil: 2 m³ / h
  • Production wet soil: 0.5 m³ / h

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