Soil diagnostic kit

DIY Soil Testing and Analysis

The Soil Diagnostic Kit (MTT), developed by MecoConcept, is a small, mobile laboratory that allows you to analyse soil anywhere. All you need is a simple table.

The Soil Diagnostic KitDiagnostic Kit

Because of its diverse character, it is essential to accurately analyze the soil you wish to use in construction.

For simple tasks (wall inertia, filling), a simple soil diagnosis may be enough.

The MTT has two patents pending.

What is in a Soil Diagnostic Kit?

It contains all the tools and accessories needed to complete a soil diagnosis and allows you to you know whether or not the soil is suitable for manufacturing Meco’briqs. The procedure and all instruments are described in a detailed booklet that comes with the kit.

The MTT contains:

  • Soil chip breaker : apparatus to measure the clay content and the mold were developed and patented by Meco’concept.
  • Software, a direct result of Meco’concept’s scientific research, which interprets various test results.
  • USB key with software and charts for the diagnosis.
  • Measuring instruments: precision pocket scale 320g, 15 cm calipers.
  • 0.5 mm calibrated seive.
  • Containers and utensils : bowls, jars, spray, trowel, and shovel.
  • Instruction guide.

Tests to be carried out

  • Sedimentation
  • Rolling test
  • Ball test
  • Chip test
  • Clay content test

Would you like a more complete analysis? MecoConcept provides soil diagnositcs and complete soil analysis in our lab.

For more information, please contact us or download our technical document.