Brick molds

Choose your mold to make your bricks !

Formats available


The proposed formats were created to respond to modern construction needs and to CEB: load-bearing walls, partition walls, decoration, vaults, arches and other outer walls. Choose the mold that fits your needs.

Each format has a different use

MecoBriq 4X2 : As easy as child’s play!

mecobriq-4-2Walls of intertia : In the self-blocking version, the MecoBriq is used to proved thermal inertia in passive houses.

Construction : Its rapid implementation allows you to build quickly thereby lowering costs.

Pivot MecoBriq : guaranteed creativity!

mecobriq-pivotPartition walls, exterior walls, decoration…complicated formwork is finished!

Its innovative form allows you to build, without mortar, curved walls from 1.5m in diameter to the ends of your imagination: architectural creativity has no limits!

Standard 29-14 : the safe bet…

brique-standardRenovation, heavy construction, small works…the  29-14, standard construction format makes the majority of conventional masonry work possible.


Mixte 22 – 11 : flexibility

brique-mixte-22-11Renovation, vaults, arches, paving… this standard construction format makes it possible to either renovate or make all conventional architectural installations. This is the ideal brick to start a professionall earth-building activity.



Mixte 18 – 9 : let yourself be enchanted!

brique-mixte-18-9Vaults, domes, decorative paving…Complementary in size to the MecoBriq 4×2, this small format helps you make original creations in conventional architectural installations, or light decorative pieces (bars, stairs, etc…)

ManuMecoBriq 29-14 : the tradition

brique-manumecoRural housing, external walls, filling…Thanks to its perforations, the standard contruction format can be reinforced by metal rods in order to strenghten the wall or to pass cables or fluids.



You can also ask for a personalized brick : maximum dimensions : 36 cm X 27 cm (10 cm thickness); minimum dimensions : 18 cm X 9 cm (4 cm thickness).

For more information please contact us or download the technical documents.