Green building

Whether for renovating or making a new green home, the MecoConcept process allows for natural construction with the greatest respect for the environment and humans. MecoConcept allows you to make compressed earth blocks quickly and easily with the soil on your property. The MecoConcept process modernizes the ancient techniques of earth construction in order to contribute to human development with healthier homes. Earth construction is now in addition to eco-friendly materials such as wood, hemp or straw. It has a high thermal inertia, which helps reduce energy costs and protect the environment.


MecoConcept offers the opportunity to make an ecobuilding with a natural material that is also economical: compressed earth blocks. By using the MecoPress, the pace and accuracy from this hydraulic brick press creates a final standardized and high-quality product.

DIY home builders

Easy to use, the MecoConcept green building process allows you to make your compressed earth blocks cheaply and safely.


Perfectly suited to relief or development NGOs, the MecoConcept green building process comes directly from NGO work experience of its founders in the South. MecoConcept’s compressed earth block system was designed for building in precarious situations. The materials were developped to be sturdy with very little maintenance. The hydraulic press and machines are easy to use. The MecoConcept system allows for construction or rehabilitation at low cost with significant energy savings and simple logistics. For permanent or semi permanent buildings, MecoConcept is the solution.

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