Do you have a real estate development project and you want to build an ecological and sustainable neighborhood? We have established a turnkey solution called an “Eco-neighborhood”.eco-neighborhood

An autonomous eco-neighborhood

As part of its export development, MecoConcept has partnered with the technical design office, BETEM INTERNATIONAL, to propose an eco-neighborhood that is autonomous with regards to energy, potable water and sanitation.

A growing need

According to forecasters, the African population will double between now and the year 2050. Housing demand is growing and governments are now, more than ever, looking for economical solutions for social housing which is solidly built and built at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, more and more members of the diaspora search for solutions to develop their own countries from afar or want to return to their country of origin. MecoConcept is often solicited in this sense. That’s why we created a project adapted to the needs of the diaspora.

Secure your project

To fit your needs, we offer different levels of service to allow for a mutually agreeable partnership in which you will remain in control of your project and we will intervene on the technical aspects.

The quality of projects that we propose have allowed numerous clients in Gabon, Senegal and Congo to secure their projects on a technical level and to convince their banks in order to complete their financial plan without difficulty.

With BETEM INTERNATIONAL and MecoConcept, you will have 150 experienced engineers available to help with your project and to carry it out to the end from the initial discussion to handing over the keys.

Give meaning to your project

Building place to live is not a simple exercise in real estate. Eco-neighborhoods allow for children to grow up in a healthy and pleasant environment. As much as possible we call on local expertise, use short channels and use local materials.

To place people at the heart of real estate think of an Eco-neighborhood. We are involved in training the personnel in order to increase local capacity, promote the emergence of new industry, and develop the local economy. The MecoBriq offers a simple and effective solution to rapidly build durable housing.

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