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A revolutionary concept

A revolutionary concept Because its density offers unparalleled ability of inertia… It has a large heat accumulation power while allowing a slow return thereby reducing heating requirements. It is also efficient behind a heat source or around a masonry stove. A “cold” partition wall lined with bricks will lend a significant improvement in the thermal Lire Plus…

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Earth: a building material for the future

Neglected after the Second World War for cement, building with earth has re-emerged in construction today. Adobe, cob, beaten earth, waddle and daub, and dried mud all create a solid material that is comfortable and ecological. This material opens us up to a new eco-responsible architecture and design which inspires the most renowned architects such Lire Plus…

Catégories : Soil

Terra B Congo

Terra-B-Congo is an African start-up specializing in green building and supported by Campus France as part of the Entrepreneur En Afrique program. You can watch the video here.

New products

The ManuMeco is a manual CEB press that was specially designed by MecoConcept for DIY home builders or building projects for villages in the South. It allows to produce quality bricks with low investment. For more information, please contact us or download the technical document!